Premium Mailbox

Premium Mailbox

Your email platform for mission critical deployments

Having your own personalised email address has a whole host of benefits. They are easy for people to remember, they create trust, they show attention to detail and they give a great first impression for personal & business branding. Even if you don’t have a website, a personal email address looks great on your CV, business cards and stationery.

Our Standard Mailboxes come with 1GB of storage space, whereas our Premium Mailboxes start at 2GB of space and can be upgraded in increments of 2GB up to 10GB.

Order Premium Mailbox
Storage Price
1GB Free
2GB £9.99
4GB £18.99
6GB £26.99
8GB £35.99
10GB £42.99

Premium Webmail

Fast, flexible and feature rich mail without any clutter, distractions or annoying ads.

Complete IMAP Webmail solution with everything you'll ever need including Contacts, Calendar and Storage.


Create, manage, group and share contacts data from browser, mobile devices or desktop apps.

Mission Hosting Webmail uses CardDAV to make importing, syncing and exporting of your contacts between multiple devices and clients built and run by various developers seamless.

You can also export, import, and share data through electronic business cards (vCards).


Beautiful and intuitive calendar in your browser. Connect externally, sync with Outlook® and other desktop apps, connect your Mac through CalDAV and sync your iPhone.

Our webmail calendar supports recurrence, alerts and invitations.

Online Storage

Upload, comment and share your files to an online repository and access your files from anywhere.
Organise attachments, documents, music, photos, videos and more.

You can even add files from your desktop using simple drag and drop.

Mobile WebApp

Use your mobile's web browser to check your email and manage contacts & calendar events on-the-go through the mobile optimised web version of Webmail.

You can also connect to your contacts and calendar using your smartphone's native applications.